What sets ILC apart?

Our Mission, Vision, Educational Core Values and Educational Distinctives express the ILC difference.

Our Mission, Vision, Values and Distinctives

ILC's Mission is to maximize the contribution of member institutions in equipping leaders to build spiritual movements to transform society in all domains of society.

ILC's Vision is a growing network of leadership-development institutions spearheading Biblically-centered transformation in society.

ILC's Educational Core Values are 

  1. Contextually demonstrated mastery
  2. Holistic development (character, philosophy, skills)
  3. Multiplying spiritual leadership
  4. Personal and societal impact
  5. Quality institutional leadershp and internal assessment processes

ILC's Educational Distinctives:

  • Biblically grounded, culturally relevant programs using competency-based adult learning curricula in context.
  • Integrated leadership formation involving theological, leadership, intercultural, educational and vocational studies to impact society.
  • Faculty members who lead students through modeling, mentoring, coaching and relationship building
  • Excellence in integration of academics and application (scholars who are practitioners and practitioners who are scholars)
  • Effective cross-cultural ability
  • Exposure to, training in and reinforcement of transferrable spiritual concepts to significantly impact the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

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